2.0 (New major version)

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2013-05-08

articy:draft - General

  • NEW - Documents & Document Editor: Notes & the scratchpad from articy:draft version 1.x have been replaced by documents and a brand new document editor featuring rich-text-editing, images, internal and external hyperlinks, spellchecking for 25 languages and a sophisticated chaptering system.
  • NEW - Advanced editing of descriptions: All rich-text-editing features from the document editor are also available for the description fields of all other articy objects.
  • NEW - Library: The navigator has now a fifth view tab, the library. This serves as a quick way for dragging assets, entities and locations onto other articy objects without loosing or changing the current selection or opening an additional pane.
  • NEW - Advanced search: A new search mode allows to query objects by type, template or even property content. Search criteria can even be combined by using AND/OR.
  • NEW - Tutorial: An in-application tutorial has been added that automatically brings up helpful explanations when the user enters an area of articy:draft he/she has not seen before.
  • ADDED - Flow editor LODding: The flow editor has received a smart level-of-detail (LOD) system that simplifies displaying of flow elements when zoomed out. This improves readability and speeds up drawing. The LOD system is a view option and can be deactivated.
  • ADDED - Show preview image in flow: The flow editor has received a new view option show preview image that displays the preview image of flow fragments and dialogues to the left of their reference strip.
  • ADDED - Show template info: Another new view option for the flow editor allows to display a list of user-selected properties from the templates of flow fragments and dialogues in the flow editor instead of their description
  • ADDED - Download of demo projects: The download and installation of demo projects is now integrated into the project selector of articy:draft.
  • CHANGED - Dialog vs. dialogue: Due to feedback from many native English speakers, we renamed the articy:draft object dialog into dialogue to emphasize the conversational character of this element and to avoid confusion with dialog windows.
  • CHANGED - Selection in navigator / reaction in flow editor: Selecting a flow element in the navigator now shows the selected element inside its parent. This eases navigation a lot. Holding down ALT while selecting now always brings up the property view of the selected object.
  • IMRPOVED - Overall performance: Many optimizations of the graphical user interface have significantly enhanced the speed of working with articy:draft. This is especially important for very big projects.
  • IMRPOVED - Project size: A complete overhaul of the underlying data storage system has reduced the size of saved articy projects dramatically.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs of version 2.0.0 and 2.0.1

articy:draft - Multiuser

  • NEW - Internal Articy Subverison: A new source control provider for multi-user projects has been added. This Internal Articy Subversion is integrated into articy:server and uses the same user accounts from the articy:server.
  • IMPROVED - Relaxation of exclusive mode: Changing templates and editing the properties of a project does not any longer require the exclusive mode. This eases multi-user collaboration a lot.
  • ADDED - Editing Subversion/Perforce properties: A new function now allows to edit Subversion/Perforce properties of a project like server-URL, repository path,... even after a project has been created and worked on.
  • IMPROVED - Displaying claimed partitions: The project selector now also displays the amount of claimed partitions for projects. This improves the overview for server/project administrators.

articy:draft - API

  • CHANGED - Master ID: The GUID of objects in articy:draft version 1 has been replaced by an 64 Bit integer. The signature of articy:draft API methods containing the old ID have been changed accordingly.
  • ADDED: - Working with documents The new documents have been made available in the articy:draft API.