1.5 (Update)

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2013-04-22

articy:draft - General

  • NEW - Tutorial: An in-application tutorial has been added that automatically brings up helpful explanations when the user enters an area of articy:draft he/she has not seen before.
  • ADDED - Show preview image in flow: The flow editor has received a new view option show preview image that displays the preview image of flow fragments and dialogues to the left of their reference strip.
  • ADDED - Show template info: Another new view option for the flow editor allows to display a list of user-selected properties from the templates of flow fragments and dialogues in the flow editor instead of their description
  • ADDED - Download of demo projects: The download and installation of demo projects is now integrated into the project selector of articy:draft.
  • Improved - Navigator performance: The overall performance of the navigator has been improved significantly. This is especially useful in very big projects.

articy:draft - Multiuser

  • NEW - Internal Articy Subverison: A new source control provider for multi-user projects has been added. This Internal Articy Subversion is integrated into articy:server and uses the same user accounts from the articy:server.