1.4 (Update)

Version 1.4.0 Released: 2012-11-13

Version 1.4.2 Released: 2012-12-14

Version 1.4.3 Released: 2013-01-18

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-11-13

articy:draft - General

  • ADDED - Windows 8: We now also support Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • CHANGED: articy:draft now uses the functionality of DOTNET 4.0. If you still use Windows XP or Windows 7, the articy installers will present you a convenient download link to this version of DOTNET.
  • CHANGED: The save file format for articy projects has been changed to 'ARTICY 1.4'. Projects need to be converted (see how to update your projects).

articy:draft - User interface

  • ADDED - Multi-resize flow elements: Resizing of multiple selected elements in the flow editor (while holding down CTRL).
  • ADDED - Multi-assign speaker: The scratchpad now allows to assign a speaker to all speaker templates with the same name by just one click.
  • ADDED - Multi-assign template: Assigning a template to multiple selected objects (or removing it) speeds-up large scale template modifications alot.
  • ADDED - Re-order features: Features can now be re-ordered in the template editor.
  • ADDED - Help in empty folders: Empty folders in the tiles/list view now show a helpful link or info text suggesting what to do next.
  • ADDED - Shortcut: Emerging in the flow editor now has a shortcut (CTRL+UP).
  • IMPROVED: Many smaller changes and removal of bottlenecks have improved the general performance of the graphical user interface.
  • CHANGED: The main sections of the property view are now tabs.
  • CHANGED: Text of unclaimed articy objects can now be copied into the Windows clipboard.
  • CHANGED: Double-clicking an empty link in a location now automatically opens the link's property view.

articy:draft - Production & Toolchain

  • ADDED - articy:draft API: Write your own program in any DOTNET language that directly interfaces with articy:draft. The API can be used to create your own custom reports, for bulk importing your existing game design data or for interfacing articy:draft with your existing tool chain. Using the API requires a separate license.
  • ADDED - Custom commit messages: When publishing a partition, you now have the option to enter your own commit messages for your repository system. This commit message is pre-filled with a list of changes on this partition's objects. The entire functionality can be switched off in the project settings.
  • ADDED - Show revision history: Every partition can display a list of publishings based on the custom commit messages of your repository system.
  • ADDED - Open in external tool: The context menu of all articy objects now contain entries to open this very object with an external tool. A central command line can be defined for every tool and the new property 'ExternalId' matches the articy object with the ID used in the external program.
  • ADDED - Objects to XML export: The XML export now also contains journey objects and simple (non multi-string localizeable) display-names for system folders as well as calculated strings for links, jumps & dialogue fragments.
  • IMPROVED: Unrolled some groups in the XSD for the XML export.
  • IMPROVED: The statistics of text fields in an Excel export have been extended by a total word count
  • IMPROVED: Too long asset names are handled more robust now.

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-12-14

articy:draft - General

  • IMPROVED: Lots of performance improvements especially at bottlenecks of big projects.

articy:draft - Multiuser

  • FIXED: Connecting to an articy:server using an IP address (instead of a servername) didn't work in the case that the IP address in question was not listed at a DNS server. Now all IP addresses are able to connect.
  • FIXED: A missing scroll bar in the "Show revision history" dialog was added.
  • FIXED: The dialog window that allows entering a commit message when publishing a partition can now hold more than 2k text and is resizable.

articy:draft - API

  • IMPROVED: Made the value setter for properties of type "drop-down list" more robust against wrong values.
  • IMPROVED: Made the API more robust against invalid template assignments.
  • FIXED: The API methods for publishing partitions now properly transport the custom commit messages to the repository.
  • FIXED: Coordinates of created "path" objects are now always correct.

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2013-01-18

articy:draft - General

  • FIXED: If non-ANSI characters (e.g. Russian, Chinese, Japanese...) were entered into the scratchpad editor, they were converted into spaces when leaving the scratchpad view. This is fixed now.