1.3 (Update)

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-09-13

articy:draft - Major new features

  • NEW - Presentation view: Walk a certain path through your flow and present this path in a Powerpoint-like presentation mode using animated slides with custom background images.
  • NEW - Flow editor improvements: Customizable snap to grid, even quicker create of multiple flow elements, a smart method to select all following/previous flow objects, a keyboard-only navigation and a re-design of dialogue fragments makes working in the flow editor now easier and faster.
  • NEW - Free jumping in the flow: The previous return-to-hub nodes of the flow have been replaced by the new jump element. Unlike return-to-hub the new jump elements can be placed anywhere in the flow and have the ability to jump to any other flow element, not only to targets in the same container.
  • NEW - Microsoft Excel export: Export a part or all of your project into an *.xlsx file using several export options like row/column grouping, multiple worksheets and statistics.
  • NEW - Additional template types: Now templates can also be created for the articy:draft object types asset, path, spot, zone, note and the new journey.
  • NEW - Synchronized panes: Every pane received the ability to 'listen' to the current selection of another pane making this selection its own. With this functionality it is easy to 'rig' e.g. a smart pane that always shows the properties of the very object the user is currently working with in another pane.

articy:draft - GUI and usability

  • ADDED: Renaming of all objects in the navigator and the content area using the F2 key, the context menu and simple activation click.
  • ADDED: New project node Settings containing project specific settings.
  • IMPROVED: General performance of the GUI has been improved while the memory footprint of the application has been reduced.
  • IMPROVED: Added icons to many context menu entries.
  • IMPROVED: The toolbox buttons now make much more use of the available space.
  • IMPROVED: Editing labels of input/output pins in the flow editor now brings up a dialog box with much more space for convenient editing.

articy:draft - multi user

  • ADDED: New command that allows to publish and unclaim multiple partitions at once.
  • ADDED: Optional, automatic publish & unclaim of all claimed partitions upon closing a project.
  • ADDED: The project cover image is now also displayed on the project page of the server administration mode.
  • IMPROVED: The progress dialogs of Perforce actions now have more log output.
  • IMPROVED: The exclamation mark icon that signals that a partition has been updated, is not shown anymore, when a team-member unclaimed a partition without any changes.
  • IMPROVED: Several minor improvements of the communication with the Perforce repository system.

articy:draft - projects

  • IMPROVED: Opening/closing/saving of projects has been accelerated while the storage size of projects has been reduced.
  • CHANGED: The save file format for articy projects has been changed to 'ARTICY 1.3'. Projects need to be converted (see how to update your projects).

articy:draft - scratchpad / notes

  • ADDED: Invalid speakers in a note can now be found as 'invalid references' using the 'search conflict' function.
  • ADDED: Dropping entities into the scratchpad editor automatically creates a line with the entity's name and the format set to 'speaker'.
  • IMPROVED: The behavior of text selection and cut/copy/paste inside the scratchpad editor has been reworked and is now easier to use.

articy:draft - custom templates

  • IMPROVED: Handling of allowed object types for 'reference strip/slot' type properties in the feature/template editor.
  • CHANGED: The top level folder 'Object Templates' was renamed to 'Template Design', the basic property type 'Enumeration' was renamed to 'Drop-down list'.

articy:draft - misc

  • ADDED: New command Choose new asset source allows to link articy:draft assets to a new original asset. This is especially handy when the original asset has been moved.
  • CHANGED: Changed XSD of the XML export: Added new object types and improved/compacted the overall structure.
  • CHANGED: 'Search in any text' is now the default search option. Also this search option now also searches in technical names, spoken texts and stage directions.
  • FIXED: Turkish characters in path names are now handled correctly.
  • FIXED: Internet connection via a proxy is now properly supported.

Known issues

  • Not placing properties in the topmost row(s) of the feature editor's layout grid can cause displaying issues later when using those features in a template. To avoid this effect, always begin placing the properties at the very top of der layout grid.
  • The property parameter 'invalid character' of small/medium/large text properties in features/templates is not correctly exported to XML. Besides this glitch, the exported file itself can be used normally though.