1.2 (Update)

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-06-27

articy:draft - Major new features

  • NEW - ScratchPad: A word processor-like text editor allows to quickly take some notes and turn them into flow elements just by dragging. This also works for a complete dialogue that is written like a shooting script.
  • NEW - Microsoft Word export: articy:draft objects can be now exported in *.docx format. Options include one file/multiple files, list mode/form mode, sorting, grouping, hyperlinks into articy:draft and more.
  • NEW - Preview images: Flow fragments, dialogues, entities, locations, zones, paths and spots may now be equipped with preview images. An graphical editor allows to define what part of an image is used as preview.
  • NEW - Alignment of flow elements: The flow editor's toolbox has received some alignment buttons to distribute/center/align flow elements vertically/horizontally.

articy:draft - GUI and usability

  • IMPROVED: Objects in reference strips now use the maximum available space and don't waste space with borders or aspect-ratio-caused filling bars.
  • IMPROVED: The visualization of objects in "Tiles" view was enhanced. Especially preview images and title texts make more use of the available space.
  • IMPROVED: The performance of the object selector for preview images, reference targets, search root objects, etc has been drastically increased.
  • IMPROVED: References that have been broken by the user are now clearly displayed as broken in all views. Such a broken reference appears if e.g. an entity was set as the speaker of a dialogue fragment and later on this very entity is deleted by another user. In such a case the dialogue fragment shows a 'broken' symbol along with the name of the earlier (deleted) speaker.
  • CHANGED: Reference strips in the flow editor now have a minimum height and a convenient snapping mechanism.
  • CHANGED: Renamed the views "Medium Icons" to "Tiles" and "Small Icons" to "List".
  • FIXED:The sorting of entries in the navigation bar now works correctly at all times.


  • ADDED: It is now possible to define default settings/restrictions for articy:draft users who connect to the articy:server. For info see Client settings.
  • FIXED: A rare race condition that could occur when one user updates a project with no current locks while another user tries to open the same project exclusively.
  • FIXED: After a server license change, the ServerInformation was not updated properly. This is fixed.

articy:draft - multi user

  • CHANGED: Requesting a partition for editing was renamed from "locking" to "claiming" throughout the application. Accordingly "unlock partition" was replaced by "release partition".
  • FIXED: The list of projects in multi-user did not refresh automatically to reflect changes since entering the projects list. Now this is done instantly.
  • FIXED: Converting Perforce-based articy:draft projects to the new save file format 'ARTICY (V14)' could cause problems when using articy:draft v1.2.0. Those problems are now fixed.

articy:draft - projects

  • CHANGED: Saving a project now shows a progress dialog.
  • CHANGED: The save file format for articy projects has been changed to 'ARTICY (V14)'. Projects need to be converted (How to update your projects).
  • IMPROVED: Opening/closing-speed for projects has been increased while disk storage size and memory load was significantly reduced. Once an existing project has been converted, it just takes less space on disk.
  • FIXED: It was possible to open the same project twice leading to possible conflicts. This can not happen any more.

articy:draft - misc

  • ADDED: The property view of an asset now shows a hint when the big preview is not available (e.g. missing file/wrong type/unupported or corrupted image).
  • IMPROVED: The installer executables for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows have been unified. Only two installer remain, one for articy:draft and another one for articy:server.
  • IMPROVED: Increased the limit of maximum properties in a feature/template.
  • IMPROVED: When the asset system is busy, actions like publishing and unclaiming have been disabled. This has led to confusion. Now those actions are always enabled and a progress dialog is opened instead. This dialog informs about the busy asset system and helps estimating when the blocked actions are available again.
  • IMPROVED: The robustness against missing asset files (e.g. manually deleted by user outside of articy:draft) was further improved. From now on all partition actions now handle such missing files gracefully.