1.1 (Update)

Version 1.1.0 Released: 2012-04-02

Version 1.1.3 Released: 2012-04-19

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-04-02

articy:draft - Navigator

  • NEW: A new search functionality was added to the navigator.
  • NEW: A conflicts overview was added to the navigator.
  • NEW: View tabs were added to the navigator to enable quickly switching between the project view (the previous tree view), the search view and the conflicts view.
  • NEW: New view option show my partitions only in the navigator's project view now only shows the partitions locked by the current user, as well as the parents and children of those partitions.
  • NEW: New view option show template names in the navigator's project view.
  • IMPROVED: Drastically improved the scrolling speed in the navigator with many visible items.
  • IMPROVED: Hierarchical claiming states displaying is more clear now.

articy:draft - Templates & Features

  • NEW: The new basic property type enumeration was added. It allows to add custom dropdown-list fields to the property view of a templated object.
  • NEW: The new basic property type reference slot was added. It allows to add fields to the property view of a templated object that accept links to another articy:draft object similar to the avatar image of an entity.
  • NEW: The basic property type reference strip was added. This is similar to the reference slot however it accepts not only one but multiple articy:draft objects just like the reference strip of an untemplated flow fragment.
  • NEW: The new custom property types can be used to save a user's property design e.g. an enumeration called 'months' and make it easily available in other features/templates that need the same type of drop-down list.
  • NEW: Copy & paste of properties in the feature/template editor.
  • NEW: The basic property type boolean is now a more compact checkbox by default but can be switched back to the previously used combobox by checking the 'Display as combobox' option.

articy:draft - Projects

  • NEW: The context menu of a project in the project selector now has an 'open containing folder' entry.
  • IMPROVED: Robustness of 'open from file' with projects that are too new for the installed articy:draft
  • CHANGED: The save file format for articy projects has been changed to 'ARTICY (V7)'. Projects need to be converted (How to update your projects).
  • CHANGED: Significantly reduced the size of partition files.
  • CHANGED: The property view of the project node now also shows the GUID.

articy:draft - Multi-user collaboration

  • IMPROVED: Robustness of Perforce integration against tampering with a depot from outside articy:draft was improved.
  • CHANGED: The client-server communication version was changed. Please update your articy:server before working with this version of articy:draft.
  • CHANGED: articy:draft does not longer require a Perforce user to be the super admin of the whole depot.
  • CHANGED: articy:draft now creates a separate Perforce client per user and project when using Perforce as repository.
  • CHANGED: When "Removing all locks" from a Perforce-stored project, no workspace/client is used anymore.
  • CHANGED: Updating an asset partition now automatically triggers a recalculation of the thumbnails.
  • CHANGED: When closing a project with unsaved changes or still locked partitions, articy:draft notifies the user accordingly by presenting a confirmation dialog box.
  • CHANGED: Better, more clear confirmation box text that is displayed when closing an exclusively opened project.
  • CHANGED: Made the remove all locks command from the server administration mode also available in the context menu of the project selector. Also added the lock removal of the partitions inside SVN/Perforce (previously only the articy:server locks were removed).

articy:draft - Miscellaneous

  • NEW: F8 now opens the properties view of the currently selected object.
  • IMPROVED: Made image-asset thumbnailing more robust against invalid color profiles in JPEG images.
  • CHANGED: Technical names of all articy:draft objects are now editable by the user. However this field is still prefilled when creating a new object.
  • CHANGED: Copying articy objects clears their technical name.
  • FIXED: Problems with the notification window popping up on application start even if there is no reason to. Should not happen anymore.
  • FIXED: Lots of GUI issues like icons, borders, colors, styles...
  • FIXED: Various minor bug fixes.

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-04-19

articy:draft - Perforce integration

  • IMPROVED: Full support for special chars #, @, % in depot paths has been added.
  • IMPROVED: Increased the robustness against invalid characters in path names.
  • IMPROVED: General increase of performance on partition operations.
  • FIXED: There have been cases when updates of project partitions were not passed on to articy:draft machines of other team members thus causing the project data to become inconsistent. This issue has been fixed.
  • FIXED: An improper handling of character casing on linux-based Perforce depots is now fixed.

articy:draft - SVN integration

  • IMPROVED: Increased the robustness against invalid characters in path names.

articy:draft - Assets

  • IMPROVED: Increased speed and reduced memory load of handling image assets/thumbnails.
  • FIXED: When opening a project with many assets, the re-validation took very long displaying assets in an 'updating' state. This is not the case any more.
  • FIXED: A running import or thumbnailing background process not longer causes lags/freezes in the location editor.
  • FIXED: Image assets that have just been imported but not yet processed by the background thumbnailer are now instantly usable/visible as background for a location.