1.0 (Release)

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2012-02-08

articy:draft - General

  • IMPROVED: Major improvement of the overall GUI performance.
  • CHANGED: Selecting leaf objects like dialogue fragments or zones in the navigator now results in setting the navigator bar to this item and displaying the property view for it. The navigator bar now allows to directly selecting leaf objects.
  • CHANGED: The "ID" that is displayed at the very bottom of a property view was renamed to "Technical name". This technical name is now also added to the XML export of every object.
  • CHANGED: Opening, exporting and closing projects is not blocking the GUI anymore.
  • FIXED: In some rare cases, the buttons for publishing an asset partition could be disabled. This was a known issue of 1.0.0 and is fixed now.
  • FIXED: When viewing the properties of an object, accidentally hitting DEL deleted the viewed object. This is fixed now.
  • FIXED: Export of connection labels and connection colors has been fixed.
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes.

articy:draft - Flow/location editor

  • CHANGED: The icon view in the content area now better visualizes if there is no content.

articy:draft - Multi-user collaboration

  • IMPROVED: More robust handling of migration from SVN 1.6 to 1.7.
  • IMPROVED: More robust handling of modifying project data in the SCM outside of articy:draft.
  • CHANGED: The property view mode now also shows the locking state of its object.
  • FIXED: Upgrading licenses sometimes made unregistering followed by re-registering neccessary to take over the new license data into articy:draft / articy:server. License changes are now always automatically taken over.