articy:draft API


What is articy:draft API?

The articy:draft API is intended for automation. It allows your custom tool program to connect to an articy:server, open a project and work with the elements of this project. It is very easy to write a program that searches certain articy:draft objects, lists or exports specific values or even write those values back into the articy:draft project. This API allows articy:draft to be integrated into a complex tool chain.

The basic principle

Your custom tool program basically wraps and invokes an GUI-less articy:draft and operates just like a regular user. This means, your program needs to connect to an articy:server, login with an user account known to and licensed by the articy:server and opening a project that is allowed for the particular user account. Just like when using the articy:draft GUI, projects can be opened in normal or in exclusive mode with all possibilities and restrictions coming with those modes. Once the project has been opened successfully, objects can be searched using a simple search that resembles the search function of the articy:draft GUI. In addition to that, the internal query language allows formulating complex SQL-like queries. Queried objects and their respective properties can be listed, changed or exported using the same exporter functionality that the articy:draft GUI provides. Before objects can be changed, claiming their partition is a pre-requisite. The API even allows creating articy objects from scratch so your program can easily import tons of your own data like characters, locations or dialogues right into articy:draft ready to be used by the game designers. Finally, opened projects can be saved, claimed partitions can be unclaimed/published and the project can be closed. Every API method provides detailed error codes for failed actions and a logger callback allows your program to receive all information, that is also available to the user when running articy:draft in GUI mode.


For more information on how to work with the articy:draft API please download the ArticyDraft API - Programmer's Guide.pdf as well as the Technical Reference.