Limbic Entertainment: "You have these expectations by the players. They have a pretty clear picture how the next installment should look like, and how it will look like."

April 2, 2019 ‒ posted in articy:draft

El Presidente is at it again! Tropico 6 by Limbic Entertainment is out now for the PC.

Despite the busy launch schedule Senior Level Designer Monica Rolke and Senior Content Designer Johannes Pfeiffer met with us at their HQ in Langen, Germany.

They shared some interesting insights with us: the challenges you face when continuing a well-known and well-liked game IP; the way city builders can be story heavy; and how previous experiences with articy:draft for Might and Magic X Legacy made them bring it to the table again for Tropico 6, to assist them in their development process.

Thanks to the team of Limbic Entertainment for their hospitality.

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