Hosting service


How hosting can help you

We clearly understand your need to stay focused and productive. Our hosting service helps you get started with articy:draft as quickly as possible and takes the burden of setup and maintenance off your shoulders. So you and your team can focus on what matters most: The creative side of making games.

What are we hosting?

The multi-user collaboration requires an articy:server for the handling of users, licenses and project meta data. The actual project data is stored in an internal SVN (subversion) repository that’s part of the articy:server. We’re hosting the articy:server for you with the integrated SVN server, so you’re ready to go.

Optionally, if you already have an SVN repository or Perforce depot running, you can use it for your project data and ignore the internal SVN but still benefit from the hosted articy:server.

Where are we hosting? (And how secure is it?)

We’re setting up storage space for you in certified data centers in Germany with highest security standards. Your data will be hosted on first class hardware with highest reliability and failsafe raid/redundancy systems. High-speed uploads and downloads as well as unlimited traffic are included.

An automated backup service creates daily copies of your data and stores them externally. So if anything goes wrong, you can always restore an earlier version of your articy:server data.

Be carefree and creative

We take data security seriously

We not only guarantee performance and reliability, we also ensure security of your sensitive data. We use trusted SSL secured connections between your articy:draft clients and your hosted articy:server. Every client gets a user account which permits access only to their specific articy:server and their projects.

In addition, our hosting partner operates certified data centers in Germany with failsafe hardware and software. We’re also doing daily backups for you.

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