Nexus Exit Escape Room planned with articy:draft

November 23, 2017 ‒ posted in articy:draft

articy:draft can help you in a wide range of areas. The newest addition to our #madewitharticy interview series is all about Escape Rooms. With this video, we’d like to inspire you to use articy:draft also in fields, where you might not expect it to be used primarily.

Our interview partner for this one is Lex Lüpke, owner of the Nexus Exit Escape Room in Gelnhausen. We asked him about his motivation to open up his own Escape Room, what makes his Nexus Exit stand out and how he used articy:draft to plan his rooms.

He also gave us his opinion of where he thinks this relatively young industry might be heading to in the future.

You can also visit the Nexus Exit page on Facebook.