#Showcase Showcase: “Gloria Victis” by Black Eye Games
February 11, 2014 ‒ posted in Showcases

Showcase: "Gloria Victis" by Black Eye Games

We at Nevigo strongly believe that the more we know about our users, the better we can improve our software. So we started to ask our customers some questions about their projects and how they use articy:draft. In this first showcase interview we talked to the guys at Black Eye Games, who use articy:draft for […] (read more…)

#News articy:draft – Is It Made for Me?
February 3, 2014 ‒ posted in articy:draft

articy:draft - Is It Made for Me?

“This looks nice. Can I use it for a 2D free-to-play post-apocalyptic strategy game with tower defense and role-playing elements created in Unity?” We hear this (well, not exactly this!) question a lot. And it’s a good question, because you want to make sure to choose the right solution for your very specific problem. Articy:draft […] (read more…)

#News 2.3 BETA Available Now
January 30, 2014 ‒ posted in articy:draft

2.3 BETA Available Now

In the last weeks we’ve worked hard to improve the overall performance of articy:draft, especially for those of you working with very large projects (> 100k objects). We know that some of you can’t wait to feel the impact of these improvements, so we decided to make them available as soon as possible. If you […] (read more…)

#Showcase Use case: Ubisoft’s “Might & Magic X Legacy”
October 15, 2013 ‒ posted in Showcases

Use case: Ubisoft's "Might & Magic X Legacy"

Learn how articy:draft is used by Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft to create story content for Might & Magic X Legacy. As you can imagine, it is a very powerful tool that proved really helpful all along the development of Might & Magic X. Read “open dev” blog post @ Ubisoft

#Madewitharticy Showreel 2013: “Games made with articy:draft”
October 8, 2013 ‒ posted in articy:draft

Showreel 2013: "Games made with articy:draft"

To celebrate Nevigo’s 4th anniversary, we not only decided to hold our Grand Sale (30% off until October 31st 2013), but we also asked our partners if we could share with you some of the great games they are designing using articy:draft. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible! That’s a great birthday present […] (read more…)

#News articy:draft 2 – Out now!
April 22, 2013 ‒ posted in articy:draft

articy:draft 2 - Out now!

Today we released the follow up to our award winning articy:draft software! articy:draft 2 will change the way your studio thinks about game design documentation with the new, central articy:draft game design documents that allow linking objects from within articy:draft for even quicker access to needed information. We added a lot of other cool features to […] (read more…)

#News New awards for articy:draft
March 18, 2013 ‒ posted in articy:draft

New awards for articy:draft

We were honored with two more awards in the past weeks! After winning the “Innovation Award” at the 9th German Game Developers Awards, we also received the European Innovative Games Award E.I.G.A. in the category “Innovative Technology”. Thanks to the juries for chosing articy:draft!