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The professional game design solution.

articy:draft is a visual environment for the creation and organization of game content. It unites specialized editors for many areas of content design in one coherent tool. All content can be exported into various formats, including XML and Microsoft Office.

With the help of our integration components, you can even export into your game engine. Regardless of whether you are an individual user, an indie team, or a large studio, articy:draft adapts to your team size and ensures a smooth collaboration.

Perfect for narrative design

Hierarchical flowcharts

Each node in your story flowchart can contain an inner flowchart. For example, you can start with a top-level chapter structure and break it down into quests and dialogue. This nested approach ensures clean flowcharts for each level.



Story simulation with variables

articy:draft comes with scripting of story logic. If you want a dialogue line to only show up when certain conditions are fulfilled, you can use simple conditions in your flowcharts:

Player.IsSorcerer && QuestStatus.GatesOpened > 3

Boolean and number variables are currently supported. You can simulate your flow logic within articy:draft in a visual play-through mode.

Watch video about conditions and variables



Works closely together with Unity®

Export right into your Unity game project.

Our comprehensive Unity plugin gets your content ready to use in Unity with just a few clicks. With the completely customizable flow traversal engine and out-of-the-box script evaluation you can play through your content with minimal effort. Convenient data access and localization support speed up your workflows even further.

Our Unity integration offers: 


  • Automatic data import
  • Convenient access to objects and properties
  • Fully customizable flow traversal engine
  • Fast automated script evaluation
  • Localization via Excel Excel®
  • Easy to use Unity components


Game object database



Define your own object types

Whatever you need for your game, you can build it with articy:draft‘s powerful template editor. Once you’ve created your templates, you can start filling your database with all your characters and items. Changing the template later on will automatically update all objects.

Available property types
  • Boolean (checkbox)
  • Number
  • Text
  • References to other objects (single or array)
  • Custom drop-down list
  • Scripting field

Easy-to-use location editor


The build-in location editor is a vector-based 2D drawing tool. It comes with Photoshop®-like layer management and serves as an iteration-friendly sketching tool for your maps and scenarios.


Adaptable and automatable

Use & develop plugins with the Macro Devkit

Every workflow differs from one another. We don’t always know what yours consists of mostly. But you know what, to give you the most flexibility possible we integrated the Macro Devkit. This enables you to develop your own macro plugins fast and easily.

The main use for those plugins are:
  • to automate tasks and
  • to adapt articy:draft to your workflows


Feature-rich and still extendable

Also in articy:draft

  • Skill trees, tech trees, etc.
  • Design document editor
  • Asset management
  • Extensive collaboration features
  • Integration with Perforce & SVN
  • Super-flexible UI
  • Export to Excel® and Word®
  • Export to XPS (flow & locations)
  • In-app tutorial

Need more?

Add your own features via articy:draft API

You can use the articy:draft API to add your own functionality to articy:draft. Need a custom export? Want to bulk-edit objects? Hook up the API to your own tools and connect to articy:draft projects with full read/write-access. Learn more

Request a customization

Or, we can add your custom feature requests to articy:draft for you. If you’re interested in a customization, please email us.



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