Recent changes

Version 3.1.0 Released: 2017-06-06

Version 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 not released to public

Version 3.1.3 Released: 2017-07-18

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2017-07-18

articy:draft - General

  • Changed: Changed keyboard shortcut of "Export last" (aka Quickexport) from ALT+CTRL+E to ALT+SHIFT+E since ALT+CTRL+E is the same as ALTGR+E which overrides the euro char on western keyboards.
  • Fixed: Better selection behavior when clicking on a conflict search result.
  • Fixed: Importing a Final Draft file as "Document" failed if the file did not start with an element that creates a container (e.g. a General or Action)
  • Fixed: Importing a Final Draft file created bad connections. This is fixed now and connection from previous imports will be removed when the containing partition is writable.
  • Fixed: If you use "Include self, exclude children" setting on a tree node in a export package this setting was changed when re-entering the dialog. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed: Better handling of "<" when exporting to Unity rich text format if the chars does not open a markup tag.
  • Fixed: Assets were not properly copied to Unity asset folder structure. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed: You can now export the Unity files to any folder without abortion. (It is still highly recommended to export to the Assets folder)
  • Changed: You now may use the command-line switch "-export.languagekey" to override the default language suffix "en" for JSON/Unity exports with "Use localization" enabled.


  • Fixed: Fixed a bug that opening a project in exclusive mode did not fully sync the project to the latest version.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug that results in a missing "Export Rulesets" partition after converting a project from 2.X.


  • Fixed: A bug in the bootstrap code for stand-alone API programs (not MDK plugins) was fixed that prevents loading a project in some cases.
  • Fixed: MDK Plugins that use 3rd party assemblies that where accessed in the Initialized or ProjectLoaded hook are now properly found and loaded.
  • Changed: ArticyApiExceptions can now be better handled when modifying objects and do not longer result in an articy:draft crash due to be seen as fatal unexpected exceptions.
  • Changed: Generic exception from the lower core code of articy:draft are not longer wrapped into a "Generic" API exception and are bubbling up with fill stack trace.

MDK Plugins

  • Fixed: A bug in the Voice Over Helper was fixed that could crash articy:draft
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug with persisting the settings for the Auto apply template plugin

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2017-06-06

articy:draft - General

  • Improved: JSON Export now allows to deselect certain information blocks of the exported file.
  • Improved: JSON Export now allows to transform markup texts in the same way as it is done for the Unity export.
  • Improved: Middle-mouse click in navigator opens object in new tab, with ALT pressed forces the Property-Sheet.
  • Improved: JSON/Unity export now writes a version into the exported file
  • Improved: Words that are added to the spell checker ignore list are not also added as custom work to checker, so they might be proposed as correction for other misstypings.
  • Fixed: After a paste of text the inserted text is not longer selected.
  • Fixed: A Problem was fixed when a multi-line instruction didn't start with a method.
  • Fixed: Setting "plain text" as Unity text format was not properly persisted.
  • Fixed: The articy:// protocol had a parsing issue and did not properly find the object id.
  • Fixed: Changed templates did not update properly when using "show template information" in flow.

articy:draft importer - Unity Plugin

** Important **
If you use a source control system that works with locking files, like perforce for example, you need to make sure that all files in the Generated/ folder are accessible and that the plugin can create a folder in the Asset/ root folder before installing the plugin.
  • Improved: The Generated/ folder is split into actual generated content and user assets.
  • Improved: With the new Generated/ folder, the plugin will ask if the user wants to put the Generated folder on the ignore list for him. Only works with collab and git at this time.
  • Improved: The plugin will automatically relocate your existing Generated/ folder into the new structure. Please read the Important above!.

Click here to show the full change list for the unity plugin.


Due to the new cross partition move feature it is required to update server and clients. When doing so, you should have unclaimed all your partitions.
  • NEW: Cross partition move: It is now possible to move objects or sub-trees between different partitions.
  • Improved: Added support for SVN 1.9 working copies. articy:draft tries to match its SVN version based on an installed Tortoise SVN version.


NEW API / MDK methods need nuget package version 1.2.0 to be found by the compiler.

  • Improved: Documentation now contains an extra sections for setting up debugging when using a Steam Version.
  • Improved: Documentation now contains an extra page that explains how to work with objects.
  • Improved: Documentation now contains an extra page that explains how to write custom WPF windows for your plugin.
  • Improved: Added the new hook method "PartitionPublishing" which is fired before the user has published or unclaimed a partition.
  • Improved: Added the new hook method "PartitionPublished" which is fired after the user has published or unclaimed a partition.
  • Improved: Return values for numeric template properties are not returned either as int32 or double depending on the number of decimal digits.
  • Fixed: Creating string typed global variables did not function properly.
  • Fixed: "JourneyPointHit" trigger was repeatedly called with the last one used when starting a new journey. Now it is only called by user interaction like starting a journey or taking a branch.
  • Changed: Due to the fixes for string typed global variables, some overloads were removed to clean up the API and to remove ambiguities.

Older versions

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