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2.3 BETA Available Now

Postby [Nevigo] Julius Kuschke » Thu 30. Jan 2014, 14:18


In the last weeks we’ve worked hard to improve the overall performance of articy:draft, especially for those of you working with very large projects (> 100,000 objects). We know that some of you can’t wait to feel the impact of these improvements, so we decided to make them available as soon as possible. If you want to test the upcoming version 2.3, you are very welcome to install the just released 2.3 BETA build.

Besides performance improvements and minor fixes the 2.3 update also contains some new features:
  • Flow to Word export: You can now export all your branching flow structures into an easily readable .docx-file with hyperlinks, which you can e.g. use for voice-over recordings.
  • .XPS export: You can now export your flows and locations to .xps (a vector graphic format), so you can send your visual designs to others more conveniently or print them and decorate your office walls
  • Better usability for editing templates: Get from the property sheet of an object to the template editor with just a single click.
Click here to see a more detailed overview of the recent changes.

But please keep in mind: This is a beta version and it’s likely that you will find bugs. If you want to help us hunting down these nasty little critters, please follow the bug report guidelines at the end of this post.

How to get the beta client
Via Steam: If you have bought articy:draft 2 via Steam, go to your app library, right-click articy:draft SE and go to “properties”. Click on the “Betas”-tab and choose “Beta - articy:draft 2 SE - Beta” from the dropdown. Your client will be automatically updated.


If you want to get back to version 2.2, just navigate back to the “Betas” tab and choose “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”. This triggers an automatic update back to the last stable build.

Via Website: If you’re not using Steam, you can download the 2.3 beta client directly from our website: http://www.nevigo.com/en/support/download/
In this case, to get back to the last stable version, you have to uninstall the 2.3 beta and then install the most current articy:draft 2 client (2.2.7) from our website.

Information for multi-user customers: The 2.3 beta doesn’t require a new server version and no data migration via exclusive-mode. It’s possible to test the 2.3 beta on only one machine while all others stay on the 2.2 version.

How to report bugs
If you’re using the 2.3 beta client, you’ll probably stumble upon a bug or two. To help us release a stable version 2.3 as soon as possible, please report all bugs to: support@nevigo.com.

To make sure that we can reproduce the error, always add the following to your bug report:
  • A clear description of your actions (what exactly did you do to get the error?)
  • A screenshot of the affected part of the user interface
  • The articy.log-file of your last session that can be found when entering this %appdata%\nevigo\articy\2.x\logs in the windows explorer address bar

Thanks a lot to everybody who is helping us on our bug hunt!
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