Orwell - A game tackling a contemporary issue

August 26, 2016 ‒ posted in articy:draft

More and more games tackle different contemporary issues these days. This is a chance. A chance to playfully give people who play games additional background knowledge and point out in which consequences decisions and actions could culminate. Consciously or subconsciously.
Orwell – Keeping an eye on you is one of these games. It addresses the fact that all of us are being monitored all the time while interacting in social networks etc. and how that leads or might lead to self-censoring. Self-censoring because you have no other choice then distrusting everbody in one way or another.

We are happy for the creative three-person developer Osmotic Studios (Hamburg), that their game right now gets the press attention it deserves. Read a full in-depth article about it over at Polygon.com.

For your viewing pleasure: here is the trailer for Orwell – Keeping an eye on you.

In the game the player takes over the control of the protagonist who is a spy for Orwell. A nationwide spy network.
The players task is to spy on the digital activities of different suspects. Thereby it’s completely up to the player which information he passed on and which he holds back. With his decisions he holds the fate of the suspects he spies on in his hands. Depending on what the player transmits the lifes of the suspects may be affected heavily or, more or less, in no way at all.

Is the player able to exercise it’s responsibility?

In any case, you will learn that the Orwell network effects everbodies life and behaviour in one way or another…

And by the way. Of course, Nevigo is happy to have provided a tool that helped to develop Orwell – Keepin an eye on you with articy:draft.