Current Version

Here you get all the files needed to install and run the latest version of articy:draft. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please note that if you convert your existing articy:draft 2 project files to articy:draft 3, this step is irreversible. You can NOT use the projects with the previous version anymore!

Read here how to upgrade.

articy:draft 3 – Client & Server Installer

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articy:draft 3 Client Installer (Windows)
If you have a multi-user license and host the articy:server yourself, you also need to install the server:
articy:draft 3 Server Installer (Windows)


articy:draft 3 – Additional Content

articy:draft 3 Demo Projects
Demo projects are compatible with articy:draft 3.0 or higher.

Demo Projects Installer (Windows)

articy:draft 3 Unity Plugin (articy:draft Importer)
Unity 5.5 has a known issue that can lead to an unexpected crash. This bug was fixed by Unity in their 5.6 beta release. For more information about this read here.

articy:draft Importer (.unitypackage)

Documentation can be found here.

Click here to show changelog.

articy:draft 3 Unity Plugin Demo Project
To see how the Unity plugin works we recommend to download our ‘Maniac Manfred’ demo project that was updated to showcase the new features of articy:draft 3 and the corresponding Unity project.

Maniac Manfred – articy:draft 3 project

Maniac Manfred – Unity 5.5 project

articy:draft 3 Macro Devkit

The Macro Devkit contains everything you need to develop your own plugins for articy:draft 3:

articy:draft Macro DevKit installer (Windows)

Documentation can be found here.

To download pre-build sample plugins or the source code of the samples, please visit the plugins page.

articy:draft 3 API
If you want to write plugins for articy:draft 3 you should start with the free articy:draft 3 Macro Devkit.
This installer is only required if you want to write stand-alone programs that work with articy:draft project data. The API requires a running articy:server 3 with the API add-on component license to run. Please contact
articy:draft API installer (Windows)

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!