New FLEX subscription license, simplified price model, new hosting service and software training

March 15, 2016 ‒ posted in General

We’re super happy to announce the availability of our additional FLEX license subscription model for all articy:draft versions as of today. But that is not all, please enjoy exploring all novelties below.


FLEX license subscription

Finally the time has come: We roll out the FLEX license subscription model for all versions of articy:draft. This new license eliminates the initial costs of using articy:draft and gives you maximum flexibility to scale your team up and down. It is an additional licensing option, the purchase option is still available as well.

  • Use articy:draft for a low monthly rate
  • Subscriptions may be cancelled monthly
  • Purchased and rented licenses can be mixed
  • All updates and upgrades included

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Simplified price model

We did some spring cleaning to our pricing model to make it easier and more transparent. The different server tiers and upgrade costs are gone, and the core products all come at the same price. Effectively, this leads to a price drop in many cases, especially when scaling up your previously “indie”-sized studio.

  • One price for articy:draft, the API and articy:access
  • Floating licenses available
  • Unified shop experience for single and multi user
  • Simplified costs when adding more licenses

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Hosting service

We clearly understand your need to stay focused and productive. Our hosting service helps you get started with articy:draft as quickly as possible. We take care of setting up and maintaining your articy:draft multi-user environment, always ensuring the highest security possible.

  • High-security certified computer centers
  • First class hardware, highest reliability
  • Carefree setup and maintenance
  • Daily backups included

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articy:draft trainings

Nevigo offers a range of software trainings, from big-picture introductions to individually tailored work-shops. Our personal trainings will save you precious time getting up to speed and becoming a proficient and productive articy:draft expert. We help you establish a pipeline and workflows for your use case.

  • On-site or online
  • Experienced instructors with game dev background
  • Expert advice to streamline your workflows
  • Use the time saved to build better games!

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