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What is articy:draft?

  • All-in-one solution
  • Living design documents
  • Non-linear story design
  • Character and object design
  • Location design
  • Pipeline integration
  • And much more...

Create a coherent game design – in just one tool.

all-in-one solution
Finally you have all your game design data in one central tool.
  • Accessible to all your team members
  • Work on current data all the time
  • Integrate all reference & documentation material

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Write living design documents collaboratively.

Turn articy:draft 2 into your always-up-to-date design documentation hub.
  • Write design documents within articy:draft 2 – no need to leave the tool
  • Link documents to game content using references
  • Embed images, they’ll be updated automatically when source changes

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Stay on top of complex non-linear stories and dialogues.

Use your creative potential with the specialised views of articy:draft 2.
  • Use nested objects to clearly structure your story
  • Stay focused by switching from global overview to story details
  • Play through your flow in an interactive presentation mode

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Design characters, items, and objects.

Rely on  articy:draft 2 to design all the objects in your game world efficiently, regardless of whether these objects are cars, swords or characters.
  • Stay flexible by creating object templates
  • Rely on consistent data even in multi-user environments
  • Eliminate copy & paste errors by using  articy:draft 2 design data in your game

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Sketch location ideas quickly.

Sketching the locations of your game world gives a sense of understanding of the space, scope and mood of your vision.
  • Drag & drop objects, dialogues and characters into the locations
  • Quickly jump to the referenced objects
  • Use custom backgrounds to visualize your concepts

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Integrate articy:draft in your pipeline conveniently.

 articy:draft 2 shows its muscles when it comes to integration into your workflow.
  • Export your data to XML for parsing or to .xlsx or .docx to share
  • Connect to your toolchain with the articy:draft API (available separately)
  • Deliver your content at runtime with the upcoming articy:access

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A well-rounded experience

  • Import and manage external assets
  • Link them to  articy:draft 2 designs like attachments
  • Pin down design ideas quickly in a scratchpad
  • Work in a splittable workspace on multiple screens
  • Use tabs, like in “tabbed browsing”
  • Rely on our first-class customer service
  • Work together in a team (client/server)
  • Everything is revision-controlled under the hood
  • Validate your data and find flaws quickly
  • Define property constraints (e.g. range of values)
  • See the impact clearly when you delete something
  • Enjoy the increased productivity with our intuitive UI

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Your tailored articy:draft experience


Professional multi-user

For commercial studios, the all-in-one articy:draft 2 multi-user solution streamlines the team communication and allows collaborative working through your on-site articy:server. Connects to Perforce / SVN for versioning.



This single-user version is our full-featured articy:draft 2 version for users working locally on their machines. When ordered through our website, all “minor version updates” are included until the next major version number (i.e. 2.0 to 2.x).

articy:draft SE

Single-user @ Steam

We have special versions on Steam, articy:draft SE. They have the same basic feature set as their equivalent single-user versions, integrated into Steam and connected to your Steam account. Minor updates are included and delivered through Steam.



Our single-user versions are also available as non-commercial versions at a reduced price. We kindly ask you to upgrade to the commercial version when you publish a commercial title made with articy:draft.

Get articy:draft

Try it

You can try articy:draft 2 for free. The 14-day trial is a fully-featured single-user version that can be requested through our website. If you want to test the multi-user version, please contact us.

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Buy it

You can buy articy:draft 2 through our website. We will send you a download link and your license key after your purchase. You can also alternatively buy articy:draft SE on Steam.

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