Use your content in Unity®


Export right into your Unity game project.

Our comprehensive Unity plugin gets your content ready to use in Unity with just a few clicks. With the completely customizable flow traversal engine and out-of-the-box script evaluation you can play through your content with minimal effort. Convenient data access and localization support speed up your workflows even further.

Our Unity integration offers: 


  • Automatic data import
  • Convenient access to objects and properties
  • Fully customizable flow traversal engine
  • Fast automated script evaluation
  • Localization via Excel®
  • Easy to use Unity components


Exports and imports


Perforce or SVN

articy:draft‘s multi-user architecture separates clearly between meta-data (like project names, users, licenses) and the actual project content (anything you create in a project). Meta-data is managed by the articy:server, whereas project content is stored in a revision control system. This approach ensures automated revision management (storage of older file versions with the ability to roll back to a previous version) and transparent collaboration.

Built-in SVN repository

If you don’t have a revision management system in place, you don’t have to worry about anything. articy:draft will set up an integrated Subversion (SVN) instance and use it internally. You get all the benefits without the setup time.

External SVN repository / Perforce depot

If you have an existing SVN or Perforce environment, you can let articy:draft use it. You just need to specify the depot/repository paths and log in with your credentials. Integration into articy:draft‘s workflows and UI are the same as with the internal SVN.


Pipeline integration: articy:draft API


Work with articy:draft data in other tools

With the articy:draft API, you can allow your external applications to access all data in any articy:draft project. By integrating our .NET library into your own tools, you can connect with the articy:server, open projects and read/write data through your own code. The API slips into the role of a human user and performs any operations in a transparent way, including generated commit messages that end up in SVN or Perforce. Other users that are logged in at the same time can even watch the programmed API users do their work live.

Dozens of use-cases – One API
  • Trigger automated exports (build-server)
  • Read data in articy:draft
  • Write modified data back into articy:draft
  • Batch-create objects in articy:draft
  • Create localization spreadsheets / VO scripts
  • Compile production reports
  • Import from custom Excel® spreadsheets
  • Batch-create text-to-speech voice-overs

Try it

The articy:draft API requires a multi-user environment. If you’re interested in a trial period, please email us and we’ll help you with that.

Buy it

The articy:draft API is available in our shop.

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If you need any help, you can always contact our support. We’ll be happy to assist!