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Steam Sale »End of summer« SALE on Steam: Save 65% on articy:draft September 15-22 (9/11/2014) - A new weeklong sale on Steam is coming! The long wait is over. Save 65% on all articy:draft products and DLCs in the week between September 15th and 22nd! Here’s the link to the DLC: Steam shop page
Nevigo skyrocketing! Nevigo keeps growing, with new investor! Update 2.4 coming soon. (8/8/2014) -   Good news everyone! We have closed a deal with a new partner and acquired fresh capital for further growth. The investor comes from a family of successful enterprisers. He prefers to act in the background as a financier, while being an established player in the German games industry. The Nevigo team highly appreciates the [...]
branch_dialog_slide_designer_mode_wip Developer Diary: Sneak Peek at articy:draft 2.4 (2/17/2014) - Hi everybody and welcome to my first developer designer diary! I’m Julius Kuschke, software designer at Nevigo and responsible for the feature design of articy:draft. Since our 2.3 beta is coming along well, we’ve already started working on the 2.4 update and I would like to give you a sneak-peek into what’s going to come. [...]
12239678984_8800d387f8_o Showcase: “Gloria Victis” by Black Eye Games (2/11/2014) - We at Nevigo strongly believe that the more we know about our users, the better we can improve our software. So we started to ask our customers some questions about their projects and how they use articy:draft. In this first showcase interview we talked to the guys at Black Eye Games, who use articy:draft for [...]
Questions_small articy:draft – Is It Made for Me? (2/3/2014) - “This looks nice. Can I use it for a 2D free-to-play post-apocalyptic strategy game with tower defense and role-playing elements created in Unity?” We hear this (well, not exactly this!) question a lot. And it’s a good question, because you want to make sure to choose the right solution for your very specific problem. Articy:draft [...]

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